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Singles Jukebox Controversy 2010 Mix

X-posted from Tumblr, here is a link to the first annual 2010 Singles Jukebox Controversy Mix:

I warned you... DOWNLOAD

Here it is -- 19 minutes worth of the most Controversial Songs of 2010 according to the Singles Jukebox. This is pretty much my first mix of this sort, and as for basic mixology competence, I can only guarantee that I occasionally paid attention to the keys that the songs were in. I also tried not to cheat by using other songs (cheated twice, both from the Kanye album, whut) or good remixes of otherwise shitty songs (YOU'RE WELCOME, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING).

Controversy is determined by a super secret formula based on the old Radio On method (h/t koganbot) -- basically, these are the tracks that most polarized voters. That means that if you love something on here, I've probably given you reason to now hate it; and if you hate something, I've (maybe) given you a reason to try not to want to stab yourself in the face when you hear it. Well, sometimes.

And here's the SoundCloud if you want to stream it:

I Think UR a Contrarian by cureforbedbugs
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