skyecaptain (skyecaptain) wrote,

RS: Black and Blue

The world has conspired to throw a four-dollar copy of the Rolling Stones' Black and Blue in my lap. Quite enjoyed it, no idea what it "says" about them at that point in time (1976) but I appreciate its mild adventurousness, heavy on the pastiche games. "Memory Motel" might be the secret or subconscious inspiration for the theme from Twin Peaks and their disco moves on "Hot Stuff" don't strike me as gimmicky, more rock-disco than disco-rock. And their "insired by" songs (Ronnie Wood and Billy Preston) have a Let It Be-style low-key studio tomfoolery vibe. (I'm growing more and more fond of Let It Be as I bristle against the wax-museum precision of the Beatles' post-Revolver stuff). Brief, breezy, good for the car.
Tags: stones
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